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2017 Championships Results

Thank you to all Members who participated in the Annual Club Championships, and congratulations to the winners and finalists. The results are as follows:

Event Result
10 Girls Singles Runner Up Sarah Dizon
10 Girls Singles Winner Scarlett Ring
10 Boys Singles Runner Up Harris Huric
10 Boys Singles Winner Kartikeya Vartanu Reddy Mopati
12 Boys Doubles Runner Up Krish Goyal & Dominik Raffoul
12 Boys Doubles Winner Jared Almario & Jorge Patino
12 Boys Singles Runner Up Dominik Raffoul
12 Boys Singles Winner Arnav Narayan
14 Girls Singles Runner Up Matilda Ring
14 Girls Singles Winner Hannah Darley
14 Boys Singles Runner Up Tony Le
14 Boys Singles Winner Toby Curry
16 Girls Doubles Runner Up Matilda Ring & Michelle Siwan
16 Girls Doubles Winner Sophia Patino & Alison Rivet
16 Girls Singles Runner Up Sophia Patino
16 Girls Singles Winner Alison Rivet
16 Boys Doubles Runner Up Jordan Mcmanus & Noah Cranston
16 Boys Doubles Winner Tony Le & Nikhil Narayan
16 Boys Singles Runner Up Dayyaan Matthews
16 Boys Singles Winner Michael Hounslow
Veteran Mens Doubles (Over 35) Runner Up Murray Paciullo & Domenic Zappia
Veteran Mens Doubles (Over 35) Winner Brett Haines & David Berthon
Veteran Mens Singles (Over 35) Runner Up Murray Paciullo
Veteran Mens Singles (Over 35) Winner John Nocera
Special Mixed Doubles Runner Up Luke Morris & Lauren Walsh
Special Mixed Doubles Winner Kym Stephenson & Sharyn Szarafinski
Special Ladies Doubles Runner Up Kate Rose & Barbara Kesich
Special Ladies Doubles Winner Sharon Killen & Sandra Roy
Special Mens Doubles Runner Up Isaiah Ring & Stephen Ring
Special Mens Doubles Winner Mark Hamilton & Bruce Nicholls
Special Ladies Singles Runner Up Alison Rivet
Special Ladies Singles Winner Samantha Slim
Special Mens Singles Runner up Stephen Ring
Special Mens Singles Winner Toby Curry
Open Mixed Doubles Runner Up Tyrone Simbul & Jessica Barrett
Open Mixed Doubles Winner Trent Marlin & Rhiannon Marlin
Open Ladies Doubles Runner Up Alison Rivet & Alison Pool
Open Ladies Doubles Winner Jessica Barrett & Rhiannon Marlin
Open Mens Doubles Runner Up Aaron Waters & Jared Zeeman
Open Mens Doubles Winner Tyrone Simbul Trent Marlin
Open Ladies Singles Runner Up Elise Blight
Open Ladies Singles Winner Rhiannon Marlin
Open Mens Singles Runner Up Tyrone Simbul
Open Mens Singles Winner Trent Marlin
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