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The Special Mens Doubles event will be held on Saturday 14 November 2020, due to it not being run during the Championships schedule. This is a one-off event to award the Mark Foots Memorial Trophy. 

Event Date: 12pm to 6pm - 14 November 2020

Event Schedule: Group and final play-off to be played on the one day

Tournament Director: Lesley Pascoe

Contact: 0410 477 375 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Entries Close: 1pm Sunday 8 November 2020

Entry Fee: FREE for anyone who played in the Club Championships, otherwise, $10 per person

Prize Money: Winner $50e / Runner Up $25e

Entry Conditions and Restrictions

  • All Members of Tennis Macarthur are eligible to enter
  • Players who were seeded in the 2020 Open Mens Singles or Open Mens Doubles events, or those who did not play these events but would have been seeded in the opinion of the Grading Committee are NOT eligible to play in this event
  • The event is restricted to 10 pairs, and will be determined on a first-in basis
  • Players will be placed on a reserve list once the 10 player draw is filled

Match Format

  • Round Robin Group Stage (5 pairs per group) with top placed teams of each group advanding to the Final Play-Off
  • All matches will be one tie-break set (first to 6, with a tie-break played at 6-all)

Group Stage

  • Placement in a pool is determined by the number of sets won, then number of games. If two teams are tied, head to head results should be compared. If teams are still tied a tie break (first to 7 points leading by 2) should be carried out. If three (3) or more teams are tied, results will be determined by number of games won between those players only, if still tied then a three way tie break may be held with the two teams with the most points after the 3 tie breaks, playing a further tie break to determine the winner

Play Off Stage

  • First place pair of each group play-off in the final




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