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The Handicap Championships are an annual event open for all Tennis Macarthur members. The unique format provides an opportunity for all players to compete against each other from an 'even starting point' by using a handicap system, so it is suitable for players of all ages and all standards.

All members are encouraged to participate.

Event Information: 


  • Event Date: Saturday 22 August, from 12pm
  • Entries Close: Monday 17 August at 5pm
  • Entry Fee: $10 per player


  • Event Date: Saturday 15 August, from 12pm
  • Entries Close: Monday 10 August at 5pm
  • Entry Fee: $10 per pair

Each event will cater for maximum of 16 players/teams (on a first-in basis), Each round will be scheduled approximately at, 12.00pm / 1.30pm / 3.00pm / 4.30pm - a 15 minute rest break will be permitted between each round. 

Tournament Director: Michael Jackson
Phone: 0413 632 632
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The format explained:

Entrants are graded by the Grading Committee and given a Handicap based on their ability.

For example Joe is graded with a handicap of +10 and Peter is graded with a handicap of -20. This means Joe will start on 10 points and Peter will start on -20 points and the winner will be the first player to reach +51 points.

Each match is the first to 51 points
Each player/team serves for 5 points then the opposing player/team serves for 5 points and so on (each server always serves first to the forehand side)
The player/teams handicap will determine the starting points for that player
In the doubles events, the teams handicap will be the average of the two players for example if Joe and Peter were playing doubles together, considering their individual handicaps (Joe +10 & Peter -20) their combined doubles handicap would be -5.

Entries received after the closing date will only be accepted at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.

Please note conditions of participation due to COVID-19 Read full conditions of participation

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