Life membership is an honour bestowed on individual club members who’s exceptional, loyal and outstanding service and contribution has a provided measurable benefit to the Association over an extended period of time.

Honorary Life Membership is recognized by the Southern Districts Tennis Association as the highest recognition that can be awarded onto a member in acknowledgement of exceptional service and contribution; it should retain its prestige and not be awarded easily.

Nomination Process

  • Any past or present member can be nominated by any current financial member with the nomination seconded by at least one other financial member
  • The qualification for life membership shall be that any member of the Association who has rendered outstanding service to the Association as
    • An executive officer for 10 years or longer (non-consecutively), and/or
    • A member of the Council for 15 years or longer (non-consecutively), and/or
    • A member of the Association for 25 consecutive years or longer
  • Nominations must be submitted on the Nomination Form 
  • This should be a written document and signed by the nominating members and submitted to the Secretary by 30 June if it is to be considered at that years Annual General Meeting
  • The nomination will be referred to the Council of Management who will review the nomination for validity and submit a statement to the Annual General Meeting in regards to the nomination
  • The life member shall be elected by affirmative vote of at least 75% of the member’s present
  • Life members will be entitled free annual membership, free entry into all competitions and tournaments, and attend Council meetings.

Elected since the Associations Inauguration in 1922

Harold Ayres *

David Brew *

Eric Ayers *

Lorna Chivas

W.R.Naylor *

Peter Warton

Harley Daley *

Lesley Pascoe

Norm Blinman *

David Gray

Alec Grimson *

Paul Irwin *

Joe Bradshaw *

Lyn Darby *

Frank Wheeler *

Jack Keast *

Vera Withall *

Alf Ward *

George Paciullo *


Vic Bayer

Jim Vernon *

Robyn Preston

Jack Hamilton *

Kathleen Mallia

Sue Whitfield

Barry Preston *

Craig Barrett

Vicki Mackison

Rosina Anson

Neale McDonald

Maureen Gray


Life Members of Southern Districts Tennis Association Inc. Junior Branch (Formed in 1964 and disbanded in 2009)

Clarrie Thomas

Gloria Rose

Margaret Plummer

Sue Whitfield

Tony Ridge

Lesley Pascoe

Joanne Barnes

Del Fitzgerald


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