Tennis Macarthur has launched a new Wednesday Night singles format The competition will be a Compass Format Draw, 

This is a non-elimination format that is so named because players advance in four to eight different directions depending upon when they lose their first match and when they lose their subsequent matches.

There are limited places each week, and registrations need to be submitted by 10pm each Tuesday.


  • Wednesday Nights - 7.00pm to 9.00pm (approx finish time)
  • Singles only
  • $10 per week (court hire and balls)
  • $50 prize money paid to winning players bank account the following day
  • Played at Wests Tennis Club, 16 Old Leumeah Rd Leumeah


How it’s done:

  • Making the draw. Each player is placed on a line on the centre draw sheet and 1 and 32 (or 64) etc would play in the first round.
  • Progression in the Draw. At the end of each round, the winners continue in their tournament in the same direction, while the losers move to other points on the compass to form a new satellite tournament.
    • At the end of round 1:
      • The winners go east
      • The losers go west
    • At the end of round 2:
      • The east losers go north
      • The west losers go south
    • At the end of round 3:
      • The east losers go northeast
      • The north losers go northwest
      • The west losers go southwest
      • The south losers go southeast
    • At the end of round 4:
      • The losers are out of the tournament (unless there will be semi-final play-offs);
      • The winners play the finals on each draw sheet.
  • Glory goes to the east winner (who is undefeated) and to the east runner-up (who has lost only to the east winner).

compass draw with arrows

Join this weeks comp

Competition Secretary
Neale McDonald 

Contact Number
0403 771 522

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